Build repeatable processes#

plans-img Available on all plans

deployment-img Cloud and self-hosted deployments

Use the Mattermost Playbooks plugin to create and manage pre-built, configurable checklists that define a repeatable process for teams to achieve specific and predictable outcomes. Mattermost Playbooks is enabled by default for Mattermost self-hosted and Mattermost Cloud workspaces. Access Playbooks via the product menu in the top-left corner of Mattermost.

With playbooks, your development teams can orchestrate prescribed workflows and define, streamline, and document complex, recurring operations. Playbooks help you stay in command with integrated communication, collaboration, and status dashboards to manage your entire workflow lifecycle.

Mattermost Academy Learn about Mattermost Playbooks

Try it yourself! Walk through our Incident Response playbook demonstration to see what you can do with playbooks.

An example of the Mattermost Playbooks screen that includes active run details in the right-hand pane.

Learn more#

This end user documentation is for anyone who wants guidance on building repeatable processes in Mattermost.