Frequently asked questions (FAQ)#

The following pages will answer many of your frequently asked questions about Mattermost:

  • General questions - Learn more about Mattermost, its largest deployment, and answers to commonly asked questions.

  • Community questions - Learn about contributing to Mattermost and about adding yourself to the Mattermost page on Linked In.

  • Notifications - What determines whether notifications are triggered?

  • Video, audio, and screen sharing - What’s available for video and audio calling and screen sharing?

  • Enterprise questions - Learn about Mattermost Enterprise Edition.

  • License questions - Learn more about Mattermost licenses.

  • Integrations - Can messaging functionality be added to a propietary SaaS service?

  • Use cases - Learn how Mattermost supports various use cases.

  • Product questions - Which features are available on different Mattermost clients?

  • High trust questions - Learn about Mattermost trust benefits and the challenges of Massive, Multi-Tenant Applications.

  • Design decisions - Learn why Mattermost discloses whether or not an account exists when users enter an incorrect password.

  • Business questions - Can you create an open source derivative work of Mattermost?

  • Illicit use - Learn how to report illicit use of Mattermost software.