Send messages#

plans-img Available on all plans

deployment-img Cloud and self-hosted deployments

Enter a message in the text field, then select Send Select the Send icon to post your message. to send the message. You can include images and file attachments to your messages by:

  • copying and pasting images.

  • dragging-and-drop image files into the text field.

  • selecting the Attachment Use the Attachment icon to add images or files to your messages. icon.

Compose a message by typing into the text box at the bottom of the Mattermost screen, then select the Send Select the Send icon to post your message. icon.

You can also use a keyboard to send messages:

  • Press Enter on Windows or Linux, or on Mac.

  • To create new text lines, press Shift Enter on Windows or Linux, or press on Mac.


If you find you’re accidentally sending messages too soon, you can configure Mattermost to require Shift Enter on Windows or Linux, or press on Mac to send all messages. Select the gear Select the Gear icon to open the Settings dialog. icon to go to Settings, then select Advanced > Send messages on CTRL+ENTER.

Tap the Smile icon Use the Smile icon to add emojis to your message. to add emojis while composing your message.


  • When you send messages in a channel, depending on the channel actions configured, specific words in the post can trigger a prompt to run a playbook. Access Channel Actions from the channel name drop-down menu in the center pane to see what automatic actions have been configured for the current channel.

  • Using a RTL plugin, Mattermost can automatically detect and display messages written using right-to-left scripts, such as Arabic, Hebrew, or Persian. Your system admin must install the RTL Plugin to enable this functionality.

  • Mattermost Professional or Enterprise customers can edit or delete messages after sending them if the system admin hasn’t restricted the ability to do so using advanced permissions.

Draft messages#

From Mattermost v7.7, when composing new messages, it’s easy to return to a message in progress later. Draft messages are added to a Drafts view available at the top of the channel sidebar

Global drafts makes it easy for you to find all messages in progress.

By default, message drafts are synchronized on the Mattermost server and are accessible everywhere you access Mattermost, including a web browser or the desktop app with mobile support coming in a future release.


You can disable server-synchronized drafts and limit drafts to your current Mattermost client only by going to Settings > Advanced > Allow message drafts to sync with the server.


To disable global drafts, system admins can set the feature flag MM_FEATUREFLAGS_GLOBALDRAFTS to false to disable it server-wide. It can’t be disabled on a per-user basis. The code is located here.

Edit or delete messages#

Using Mattermost in a web browser or the desktop app, select the More Select the More icon to access additional message actions. icon next to a message that you’ve sent.

Select the More option to edit or delete a sent message.

Select Edit to edit your own messages. Editing a message won’t trigger new @mention notifications, desktop notifications, or notification sounds.

Select Delete to delete your own messages. Select Delete again to confirm.

From Mattermost v7.9, you can view the edit history of an edited message and restore a previous version of an edited message.

  • To view edit history: Hover over the word Edited next to your edited message. In the right-hand sidebar, you’ll see all previous versions of the message.

  • To restore a message: Select the icon in the top-right corner of the message you want to restore and confirm the action.

Do more with your messages#

Express yourself your way using the following message features: