Contribute to this documentation#

Mattermost has a diverse community that extends well beyond code contributions. If you’re interested in contributing to Mattermost, why not help improve the documentation? Be sure to join the documentation community in DWG: Documentation Working Group so we can support and celebrate you!

How to get started#

The fastest way to get started with a documentation contribution is to find something you want to change in the documentation. This might be a typo or broken link, or something more extensive like revising or expanding content. Once you’ve found a page you want to update, select the edit option Contribute to Mattermost documentation by selecting the Edit option located in the top right corner of any documentation page. located in the top right corner of that page.

First-time contributor?#

Start by exploring the Contribute to Mattermost documentation, specifically the “You want to help with content” section.

In a GitHub pull request, you can make changes as if you were editing code. If you’re new to contributing to documentation using pull requests in GitHub, the following video will help you get started:

Where to find more information#

Explore the README links below for details on building and previewing documentation locally for our different documentation repositories:

Thank you for your support! 💙 If you have any questions, reach out to us in DWG: Documentation Working Group.