Mattermost community collaboration server

Mattermost hosts a collaboration and chat server at to connect our team with our larger contributor and user community. This server is open to everyone, and we welcome anyone who wants to participate in our community to sign up.

We have many channels on our community server you can join. Here are some of the more popular channels.

General purpose channels

  • Peer-to-peer Help: Get help from other community members on using, deploying, or contributing to Mattermost.

  • Ask Anything: Ask general questions about Mattermost.

Contributor discussions

  • Developers: Get help with development issues from our team and other developers in our community.

  • Developers Meeting: Join the weekly developers meeting to find out what Mattermost developers are working on.

  • Contributors: Connect with other people who are working to make Mattermost better.

  • Contributor Guilds: Find focused groups within our community that work on specific portions of the Mattermost ecosystem.

  • Documentation Working Group: Provide feedback about Mattermost documentation and ask questions to the Mattermost Technical Writing team.

  • Content: Discuss blog, video, podcast, and other content publication with the Mattermost Content team.

Social channels

  • Off-Topic: Talk about anything that’s not directly related to Mattermost

  • Open Source Fridays: Share what you’re working on during your own Open Source Fridays.

  • Social: Join the conversation on our channel for casual chats.