Manage advanced options

plans-img Available on all plans

deployment-img Cloud and self-hosted deployments

To customize Mattermost display options based on your preferences, select the gear icon Access settings using the gear icon. next to your profile picture, then go to Advanced.

Send messages on CTRL/⌘+ENTER

By default, you send messages in Mattermost by composing a message in the message text box at the bottom of the Mattermost screen and selecting the Send Select the Send icon to post your message. icon or by pressing Enter on Windows or Linux, or on Mac.

And you enter new text lines by pressing Shift Enter on Windows or Linux, or on Mac before sending the message.

You can chance this message send behavior.

If you find you’re accidentally sending messages too soon, you can configure Mattermost to require an extra keystroke to send all messages, or for code blocks.

Select Send Messages on CTRL/⌘ + ENTER > Edit to configure how messages are sent in Mattermost.

You can configure Mattermost to send messages by pressing Ctrl Enter on Windows or Linux, or on Mac for all messages or only for code blocks that start with ```.

Enable post formatting

By default, Mattermost formats your messages with Markdown to show links, emojis, text styles, and line breaks. You can control whether your messages show the formatting or show text only.

Select Enable Post Formatting to show your messages as raw text only that includes Markdown syntax.

Enable join/leave messages

By default, Mattermost shows you system messages when users join or leave channels you’re a member of. You can hide these messages if preferred.

Select Enable Join/Leave Messages to hide the system messages when users join or leave channels you’re a member of. When users are added to or removed from a channel, a system message displays even when you’ve disabled this feature.

Deactivate account

You can deactivate your account if you access Mattermost using an email address and password, and when your system admin has enabled your ability to do so. Deactivating your account removes your ability to access Mattermost, and disables all email and mobile notifications.


  • If you deactive your account, you must contact your system admin to have it reactivated.

  • If you access Mattermost using another authentication method, such as AD/LDAP or SAML, or use accounts that don’t have this setting available, contact your system admin to deactivate your account in the System Console.

Select Deactivate Account to deactivate your Mattermost user account.

Performance debugging

You can disable key Mattermost features temporarily to help isolate issues while debugging Mattermost, if your system admin enables your ability to do so. We don’t recommend leaving these settings enabled for an extended period of time as they can negatively impact your user experience.

Select Performance Debugging to disable one or more of the following Mattermost features:

  • Client-side plugins

  • telemetry events sent from the client

  • “User is typing…” messages

You may need to refresh Mattermost to see these settings take effect.

Scroll position when viewing unread channels

You can choose where to start viewing unread messages in all channels you’re a member of.

Select Scroll position when viewing an unread channel to choose your scroll position starting point as where you left off or at the newest message.

Allow message drafts to sync with the server

By default, message drafts are synchronized on the Mattermost server and accessible everywhere you access Mattermost using a web browser or the desktop app. You can disable server-synchronized drafts and limit drafts to your current Mattermost client, if preferred.

Select Allow message drafts to sync with the server to disable server-synchronized drafts.

Allow Mattermost to prefetch channel posts

By default, Mattermost pre-fetches messages and user information when you start Mattermost in a browser. You can disable webapp pre-fetching so that Mattermost prefetches messages and user information as you open channels instead. Disabling prefetch is recommended for users with a high unread channel count in order to improve application performance.

Select Allow Mattermost to prefetch channel posts to disable webapp pre-fetching on startup, and pre-fetch the data as you open channels.

Delete local files

You can delete local Mattermost files from your mobile device using the mobile app.

Access Settings by tapping on your profile picture. Then, tap Advanced Settings and Delete local files.

Only data specific to the current Mattermost server is removed from your device. You’ll need to repeat this process for each Mattermost workspace you’re connected to on the mobile app.