Mattermost community questions#

How can I contribute to Mattermost?#

You can get involved and contribute to Mattermost in the following ways:

  • Contribute code

  • Find “Help Wanted” projects

  • Join the Developers channel on the Mattermost Community server

  • File bugs

  • Test new features

  • Share feature ideas

  • Get troubleshooting help

  • Help translate Mattermost

See the Get Involved section of the Mattermost GitHub for more information.

Can contributors add themselves to the Mattermost company page on LinkedIn?#

Yes! If you have contributed to the Mattermost project we think you should be recognized for it professionally beyond GitHub.

To add yourself to the Mattermost page on LinkedIn, do the following:

  1. Log in to LinkedIn or create an account.

  2. Go to Me > View profile.

  3. Under Experience, select the plus symbol and specify the following:

  • Title:
    • Enter Developer if you contributed code to the open source project or created a plugin, integration, or other enhancement.

    • Enter Contributor if you’ve contributed without writing code (e.g., filed bug report, updated documentation, supported troubleshooting questions, proposed a feature, etc.).

    • Enter Translator if you’ve helped translate Mattermost products.

  • Company: Find Mattermost (you’ll see the Mattermost logo).

  • Location: Enter where you live.

  • From: Date of first contribution or perhaps month you cloned

  • Select I currently work here.

  • Update my industry: Leave unchecked.

  • Update my headline: Leave unchecked.

  • Description: Leave blank or write a sentence about what you have contributed.