Downgrade Mattermost Server

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In most cases you can downgrade Mattermost Server using the same steps as Upgrade Mattermost Server. The binaries can be found in the Version Archive. We do not recommend downgrading more than one version back from your current installation.

Downgrade from v6.0 to v5.38

Run the following set of queries, specific to your database, to downgrade the schema from v6.0 to v5.38.


The performance impact of a downgrade from v6.0 is similar to the v6.0 database migration. See the Upgrading Mattermost Server documentation for details.

INSERT INTO Systems (Name,Value) VALUES ('Version','5.38.0') ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE Value = '5.38.0';

CREATE INDEX idx_status_status ON Status (Status);
DROP INDEX idx_status_status_dndendtime ON Status;
CREATE INDEX idx_channelmembers_user_id ON ChannelMembers (UserId);
DROP INDEX idx_channelmembers_channel_id_scheme_guest_user_id ON ChannelMembers;
DROP INDEX idx_channelmembers_user_id_channel_id_last_viewed_at ON ChannelMembers;
CREATE INDEX idx_threads_channel_id ON Threads (ChannelId);
DROP INDEX idx_threads_channel_id_last_reply_at ON Threads;
CREATE INDEX idx_channels_team_id ON Channels (TeamId);
DROP INDEX idx_channels_team_id_type ON Channels;
DROP INDEX idx_channels_team_id_display_name ON Channels;
CREATE INDEX idx_posts_root_id ON Posts (RootId);
DROP INDEX idx_posts_root_id_delete_at ON Posts;

ALTER TABLE CommandWebhooks ADD COLUMN ParentId varchar(26);
UPDATE CommandWebhooks SET ParentId = '';
ALTER TABLE Posts ADD COLUMN ParentId varchar(26);
UPDATE Posts SET ParentId = '';

ALTER TABLE Users MODIFY Timezone text;
ALTER TABLE Users MODIFY NotifyProps text;
ALTER TABLE Users MODIFY Props text;
ALTER TABLE Threads MODIFY Participants longtext;
ALTER TABLE Sessions MODIFY Props text;
ALTER TABLE Posts MODIFY Props text;
ALTER TABLE LinkMetadata MODIFY Data text;
ALTER TABLE ChannelMembers MODIFY NotifyProps text;


The inverse of the final v6.0 upgrade query is intentionally omitted from these downgrade queries because its result is backwards compatible, and running the query would unnecessarily delay the downgrade process.