v10 changelog#


Support for Mattermost Server v8.1 Extended Support Release has come to the end of its life cycle on May 15, 2024. Upgrading to Mattermost Server v9.5 or later is required.

Release v10.0 - Major Release#

Release day: 2024-09-16

More information on this Mattermost major release coming soon. See the Mattermost release policy documentation for details on release types.

Upcoming Breaking Changes in v10.0 Release#

Mattermost v10.0 is planned for September, 2024. Below is a list of planned breaking changes for this release:

  1. MySQL Databases - We will no longer support new installations using MySQL starting in v10. All new customers and/or deployments will only be supported with the minimum supported version of the PostgreSQL database. End of support for MySQL is targeted for Mattermost v11.

  2. Apps Framework - Apps framework will be deprecated in the Mattermost v10 release. Please extend Mattermost using webhooks, slash commands, oAuth2 apps, and plugins.

  3. Playbooks for Enterprise - An Enterprise license will be required to use v2.0+ Playbooks functionality starting in v10. Team Edition and Professional deployments can continue to use Playbooks v1.x. Security and feature updates will only be added to Playbooks v2.0+.