Mattermost Cloud data residency#

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deployment-img Cloud deployments

Mattermost Cloud resides in the aws-us-east-1 region, located in Virginia, United States. The following customer data will be stored at rest in this data center when using Mattermost Cloud:

  • Channels, messages, replies, and channel membership information

  • Playbooks and event runs

  • User accounts and profiles

  • Files (e.g., images, docs, etc.) uploaded to the Mattermost Service

  • Plugin, app- or bot-generated messages and files

  • Data used to measure user count, usage, and revenue

  • Data used for analytics and to measure quality of service, e.g., sanitized logs

  • IDs generated by Mattermost on behalf of the customer

If you require your data to reside in an area outside of the United States, please contact the product team via, or consider deploying one of our self-hosted options that provides full control of your data. You may also work with one of our European partners for deploying and hosting your Mattermost server.