Install a license key#

plans-img Available on Enterprise and Professional plans

deployment-img Cloud and self-hosted deployments

You can use the System Console or the mmctl tools to add or change a Mattermost license key.

  1. Go go System Console > About > Edition and License.

  2. Upload your license key file.

Once the key is uploaded and installed, the details of your license are displayed.

Use the mmctl license upload command to upload a new license or replace an existing license file with a new one. When complete, restart the Mattermost server. If you’re running in a High Availability environment, the new license file must be updated to every node.

mmctl license upload [license] [flags]


  • Removing a Professional or Enterprise license key won’t remove the configuration for Enterprise settings; however, these features won’t function until an Enterprise or Professional license key is applied.

  • When you’re using High Availability, it’s critical to ensure that all servers in the cluster have same Enterprise license properly installed to prevent multi-node clusters from failing. An Enterprise license is required for High Availability to work.

  • When you apply an Enterprise license key to a server previously licensed for Professional (or legacy Enterprise Edition E10), Professional features retain their configuration settings in Enterprise.

  • When you apply a Professional license to a server previously licensed for Enterprise, (or legacy Enterprise Edition E20), Enterprise features retain their configuration but will no longer be accessible for use.

Change an existing license key#

You don’t need to wait for your current license key to expire before replacing it with a new license from Mattermost. However, ensure your new license is for a seat count that’s greater than or equal to your current total number of Mattermost users.


To find the total number of users, go to System Console > Reporting > Site Statistics. The total number of users is displayed in the Total Activated Users field. The license will be rejected if this value is greater than the value allowed by your license key.

Follow these steps to change your license key:

  1. Go to System Console > About > Edition and License.

  2. From Mattermost v6.7, simply upload your new license key file.


If you’re running a Mattermost release older than v6.7, select Remove Enterprise License and Downgrade Server to clear the license from the server and refresh the System Console first before uploading the new key.

License key storage#

Once you’ve uploaded your license key to your Mattermost server, it’s stored in your SQL database at mattermost.Licenses. You can check what keys are on your server by running select * from mattermost.Licenses;.