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Whether it’s your first day as a Mattermost user, or you’re upgrading from an older Mattermost version, we recommend starting here to learn how to access and customize your workspace, familiarize yourself with the concept of teams and user roles, and learn how to get started with Channels, Boards, and Playbooks.

Access your Mattermost workspace

Mattermost basics

  • Get started with Mattermost Channels - Learn how to communicate and collaborate with your team using Mattermost Channels.

  • Get started with Mattermost Playbooks - Learn how to create and refine repeatable, measurable workflows for a range of scenarios using Mattermost Playbooks.

  • Get started with Mattermost Boards - Learn how to create and manage projects using customizable cards to increase your team’s productivity using Mattermost Boards.

  • Manage custom groups - Learn how to define custom groups of users, such as a team or department, you can @mention in Mattermost.

  • About teams - Learn about the digital workspaces where you and your teammates collaborate together in Mattermost.

  • Team settings - Configure team names, descriptions, icons, and invitation settings.

  • Team keyboard shortcuts Make more efficient use of your keyboard with keyboard shortcuts.

  • About user roles - Learn more about the six types of user roles and their permissions in Mattermost.

  • Add people to your workspace - Learn how to add new users to Mattermost and add users to existing teams and channels.

  • Insights - Get insights into the most important events happening on each team within your Mattermost workspace.

Customize your Mattermost experience

Mattermost interface changes

Upgrading from an older version of Mattermost? Learn what’s changed or moved in your new release.