Using Mattermost’s pre-built mobile apps#

plans-img Available on all plans

deployment-img Cloud and self-hosted deployments

We strongly recommend using Mattermost’s pre-built mobile app. This approach is recommended for all Mattermost customers.

Deployment options#

When you decide to use the pre-built Mattermost mobile apps, you have two ways to distribute them: ask your users to download them, or distribute them through an Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) provider.

Using public app stores#

Your users can download the Mattermost mobile app as an iOS app or an Android app from a public app store. When users launch the Mattermost Mobile App, they must enter the address of your Mattermost server to connect their mobile app to the server.

Using an EMM provider#

See our Deploying Using an EMM Provider documentation to learn more about deploying Mattermost mobile apps through an EMM provider.

Setting up push notifications#

See our Mobile Push Notifications documentation to learn about setting up push notifications for Mattermost pre-built mobile apps.

Success! Your public app store deployment is complete#

If you don’t need the additional security provided via an EMM provider, your deployment is complete! Feel free to point your users to our Mattermost end user product documentation to learn more.