Troubleshooting push notifications#

If you did not receive a push notification when testing push notifications, use the following procedure to troubleshoot:

  1. In System Console > Environment > Logging > File Log Level, select DEBUG in order to watch for push notifications in the server log.

  2. Delete your mobile application, and reinstall it.

  3. Log in with “Account A” and confirm you want to receive push notifications when prompted by the mobile app.

  4. Go to Profile > Security > View and Logout of Active Sessions to confirm that there is a session for the native mobile app matching your login time.

  5. Repeat the procedure for testing push notifications.

  6. If no push notification displays, go to System Console > Server Logs, then select Reload. Look at the bottom of the logs for a message similar to:

[2016/04/21 03:16:44 UTC] [DEBG] Sending push notification to 608xyz0... wi msg of '@accountb: Hello'

  • If the log message displays, it means a message was sent to the HPNS server and was not received by your mobile app. Please contact with the subject “HPNS issue” for help from Mattermost’s Support team.

  • If the log message does not display, it means no mobile push notification was sent to “Account A”. Please repeat the process starting at step 2 and double-check each step.


To conserve disk space, once your push notification issue is resolved, go to System Console > Environment > Logging > File Log Level, then select ERROR to switch your logging detail level from DEBUG to Errors Only.

If push notifications are not being delivered on the mobile device, confirm that you’re logged in to the Native mobile app session through Profile > Security > View and Log Out of Active Sessions. Otherwise, the DeviceId won’t get registered in the Sessions table and notifications won’t be delivered.