Join and leave channels

plans-img Available on all plans

deployment-img Cloud and self-hosted deployments

Join a channel

To join a private channel, you need to be added to the channel by a member of that channel.

  1. Select the + symbol at the top of the channel sidebar, then select Browse Channels.

You can browse available channels to join using the + option at the top of the channel sidebar.
  1. Select Join next to the public channel you want to join.

When browsing available channels, select the join option next to any channel to become a member.


When you join channels, depending on the channel actions configured, you may see a welcome message, and channels may be added to a category in your channel sidebar automatically. Using Mattermost in a web browser or the desktop app, access Channel Actions from the channel name drop-down menu in the center pane to see what automatic actions have been configured.

Leave a channel

When you leave a private channel, you must be re-added by another channel member to rejoin. You won’t receive mention notifications from a channel if you’re not a member of that channel.

Select the channel name at the top of the center pane to access the drop-down menu, then select Leave Channel.

You can use channel options available from the channel name to leave a channel.