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deployment-img Cloud and self-hosted deployments

Templates provide you with a predefined structure so that you can get started quickly. Alternatively, you can create your own board and card templates. When you create a new board, select each template’s name to preview it and make sure it suits your requirements.

Board templates

Standard board templates include:

  • Content Calendar: Plan and organize your content creation and publication schedule.

  • Meeting Agenda: Use this template for recurring meetings. Queue up items, organize discussions, and plan what to revisit later.

  • Personal Goals: Categorize and plan your personal goals.

  • Personal Tasks: Organize your life and track your personal tasks.

  • Project Tasks: Stay on top of your project tasks, track progress, and set priorities.

  • Roadmap: Plan your roadmap and manage your releases more efficiently.

Editing board templates

You can rename all of the fields provided, hide them, delete them, and change the default color.

To create a custom board template select + Add Board, then select + New template. To turn an existing board into a template, hover over the board title in the sidebar. Select the options menu (…), then select New template from board.

Create a new template

If none of the available templates suit your requirements, you can create your own using the Empty Board option. Note that boards (and templates) are channel-specific so whichever channel you create your board in, is where you’ll find it.

Share a template

If you’d like to re-use a board as a template, you can export it and then import the archive file in the channel of your choosing.

To do this, select the in the toolbar at the top of the board. Then select Export board archive. Download the archive file. Navigate to the channel where you’d like to add the exported board. Select the Gear icon next to your profile avatar, then choose Import archive. The board you created will be added to this channel.

Card templates

Each board can have a set of card templates. To create a new card template:

  1. Open the board you’re adding the card to.

  2. Select the drop-down arrow next to New, then select Empty card.

Alternatively, you can turn any card into a template:

  1. Open the card you want to use as a template.

  2. Select the options menu in the top-right corner of the card.

  3. Select New template from card.

  4. Edit the card as needed, including a helpful name.

  5. Close the card using the X in the top left corner.

  6. Select the drop-down arrow next to New, then select the card you just created.

The card template is applicable only to the board in which it’s created and isn’t available in other boards in your workspace.